Friday, September 16, 2011

Imagining vs Interacting

I was reading up on Storybricks, an app for making your own video games, and found a blog post about "lore" that has a pertinent distinction between books and films on the one side, and games on the other, that addresses something we were talking around yesterday in class:

 Without the latter two kinds of lore, the former two are lies. They make you believe that something is there where there’s nothing. It’s fine for a book or a movie, or even for a tabletop RPG supplement, because these media are about stimulating your imagination. But games are about interaction.
Let's keep thinking about that distinction: between media that stimulate the imagination (but without interaction) and media that are about interaction ( but, one assumes, also stimulate the imagination?  or no?  or not in the same way because you are busy interacting??????)

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