Monday, December 5, 2011

Bringing it all together: Development Team Activity

We're going to break up into groups, assign roles from a development team, and work through some of the categories in ch. 11 in The Game Design Workshop. We can also use the following terms, from "Tools for Creating Dramatic Game Dynamics" by Marc LeBlanc

We also need to move towards some conclusions about story and narrative in games and other digital narrative experiences and forms. In "Interaction & Narrative," Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern distinguish between STORY: "experiences that have a tightly organized plot arc, progression towards a climax, beginning, middle, and end, etc" and NARRATIVE: " the abstract properties or qualities of stories, and more loosely structured, 'experimental,' story-like experiences" (643 in The Game Design Reader). Are these helpful definitions and distinctions, and if so, why? Where do interaction and narrative intersect?

For the old conflict between game and narrative, see: Jesper Juul: "A Clash between Game and Narrative". Paper presented at the Digital Arts and Culture conference, Bergen, Norway, November 1998.